About Us


To support the provision of quality Christian medical education and compassionate care to the people of India by working with two Christian Medical Colleges and Hospitals in India, CMCH Vellore and CMCH Ludhiana.

Today’s Committee:

Recently the committee received its own charitable license and changed its name to the Vellore Ludhiana Committee of Canada.


Since the late 1940’s, two groups of volunteers met regularly to pray for, promote interest in and solicit financial support for CMCH Ludhiana in Punjab, North India and CMCH Vellore in Tamil Nadu, South India.

In 1954, the Ludhiana Fellowship and the Canadian Friends of Vellore joined together to become the Vellore Ludhiana Committee under the Boards of Overseas Missions of the Anglican, Baptist, Presbyterian and United Churches.  It was agreed that the Committee should be a Standing Committee of the Department of Overseas Missions a constituent of the Canadian Council of Churches (CCC).  When restructuring terminated the work of the Department of Overseas Missions, the Committee continued as a Standing Committee of the CCC.  In 2006, the CCC terminated this relationship with the Vellore Ludhiana Committee and the Committee came under the auspices of the South Asian Welcome Centre.

The Committee – Who We Are


Dr. Vinita Sundaram
Mary Self Skarsten
Douglas Virgin


Douglas Virgin: Chair
Dr. Vinita Sundaram: Vice Chair
Gordon Flanagan: Treasurer


Dr. Seema Sharma
Dr. Pradeep Henry
Dr. Vinita Sundaram
Rev. William Virgin
Gordon Flanagan
Mary Self Skarsten
Douglas Virgin

Mary Self Skarstenmary skarsten pic

Mary was born to Canadian parents in Landour Community Hospital, Landour, Mussoorie, India and is an alumnus of Woodstock School. Ever since her childhood days in India, she has been a lover of the Indian people and all things Indian.

A few years ago she was invited to attend a Vellore Ludhiana Committee meeting as a guest. In getting to know the committee and what it was doing, her love of India and its people took over and moved her to join. We have all been the benefactors of her energy and wisdom in our meetings as we deliberate over directions and decisions. In the past year, going through the process of incorporating as a charity, she agreed to serve as one of our three directors. We are blessed to have her with us!

seema picDr. Seema Sharma M.B.B.S, M.D (Physiology)

Seema grew up in Ludhiana and joined the committee soon after coming to Canada from CMC Ludhiana. At CMC, she served on staff as an assistant professor in the Department of Physiology. She says CMC has “one of the most productive atmospheres” that exhibited incomparable “compassion, respect and understanding.“

She understands the workings and ethos of CMC and brings us an invaluable perspective that only someone who has worked in Ludhiana can.